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Art 3D/VR challenge – software stack – introduction

The hardware research and prototyping for Chihuahua-VR platform (see also VR tags) is going to be finished in a couple of weeks. In meantime, I will focus on the software stack which might be much more interesting and requires more effort. Please have a look on the bricks of the software architecture we would have to accomplish the make the hardware/software stack working properly. I have initially grouped them into 4 areas:

  • service and maintenance – provides tools for operations on the low level (hardware/software) of the Jetson TX1 module
  • updates and upgrades – provides tools for operations on the OS / Linux / Ubuntu level
  • operations – provides the Chihuahua-VR business logic tools
  • interface – provides interfaces for media exchange and API access

The first group (S&M) will be done manually on the manufacture level. The second group (U&U) is the follow up of the 1st one, which will provision the box with Puppet Management tools so we can allow the Chihuahua-VR box to be part of automatic or manual updates. The third groups (Ops) is the core business logic which delivers all bricks of the media pipeline (capturing, stitching, processing, encoding, streaming, transcoding, system and user configuration, pipeline tuning, playback, integration etc). The fourth group (ITF) is the set of software and hardware communication/protocols for data/media exchange.

Media workflow

ch-vr-software - options-pipeline


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in meeting the team and contribution to this project in any programming language (puppet, go, php, ruby, js, node.js, objective-c, java… and hardware, PCB, 3D printing, UI/UX, PR… and financial support…)

See my contact page if required.


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