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Hacking the breakout board – 1st iteration

This is continuation of “Breakout board research” and part of  Chihuahua-VR platform (see also VR tags).


The camera modules requires 4 levels of powering: 1.8, 2.8, 3.3 and 5V. It is also recommended to power up the camera module in the order:

  • PWRDN to high – CN4-12
  • RST to low – CN4-10
  • SV1-2/3/4 to low
  • 5V comes first
  • 3.3V comes 50ms after 5V – set SV1-3 to high
  • 1.8V comes 50ms after 3.3V – set SV1-4 to high
  • 2.8V comes 100ms after 1.8V – set SV1-2 to high
  • PWRDN to low comes 50ms after 2.8V
  • RST to high comes 200ms after PWRDN is low


Short list of parts at Farnell:


I have routed this board approx. 90% manually. For some reason the auto-router of freeware Eagle PCB was not able to finish the job (even with 2 layers).



This was a huge challenge! I have developed this board in my tiny London’s kitchen using the parts I have bought in the local Maplin shop in Camden (pcb board, etchant, transfer foil, marker and laser printer).

The results and quality does not amaze, but it was a quick solution. Some of paths are made very bold because of difficulties in transferring and etching.

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Test has failed! My custom PCB and wiring seems to be correct according to the documentation of J100 and e-CAM130_CUMI1820_MOD. There is a problem in providing I2C interface to the camera module. Additionally there is missing driver for AR1820 on the Linux for Tegra 23.2

I will have to evaluate a hardware workaround for missing I2C. The driver might be already existing and provided by e-con Systems (it was used for Jetson TK1 platform with the same module).

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During the test phase I have found plenty of bugs. Main problems are:

  • J100 and I2C wiring error – not connected to the Jetson TX1 dedicated camera I2C
  • missing AR1820 kernel driver

See also the other problems listed on the image below. The diagram below is a very rough overview of what I have found and learnt so far…

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