Useful R&D equipment in 2016

Development boards, controllers, devices, kits and equipment listed below have been tested manually within plenty of my projects and I have found them very useful during my research trip in 2016. Smoothieboard V1.0b for Smoothieware Ardunio Due & Arduino Mega 2560 Raspberry-Pi 3 (...)
20min-preview-chris is expanding!

During a very nice time at the hackathons in Switzerland I had a chance to help on development. That awesome portal for local events discovery has expanded for Graz in Austria! Source of article: Source code and contributors: Website: (preview of article)

Art 3D/VR challenge – waiting for camera

Introduction I was researching the right cameras for very long time. The market is full of products on every level: plain CMOS image sensor camera modules with e.g. MIPI/CSI interface dedicated camera boards with e.g. USB 2.0/3.0, HDMI interface final products with e.g. lenses, enclosure I (...)

Art 3D/VR challenge – progress by April 2016

Contribution Feel free to contact me if you are interested in meeting the team and contribution to this project in any programming language (puppet, go, php, ruby, js, node.js, objective-c, java… and hardware, PCB, 3D printing, UI/UX, PR… and financial support…) See my contact page if required. (...)

Art 3D/VR challenge – a star has arrived

Finally, the Jetson TX1 has arrived; to buy one in Europe it took me at least 4 weeks more than expected, but let’s see what we can squeeze out of this tiny Nvidia’s baby… Booted, upgraded, connected to Wifi, tested USB audio, tested MIPI camera (...)

Art 3D/VR challenge – more parts

A very interesting audio device has arrived today. This is USB2.0 audio card based on chipset from C-Media Electronics Inc. which supports stereo output and input with sampling 44.1k and 48k. Tested, it works with Linux kernel 3.19 out of the box. I assume it (...)

Art 3D/VR challenge – waiting for missing parts…

Quick update I am still waiting for many parts for the VR project. Have a look on the list and photos of stuff I have already received: Auvidea/J100 carrier board for TX1 e-con System FullHD camera USB3.0 FullHD camera MIPI/CSI-2 HD Creative Senz3D Gesture Camera USB2.0 HD (...)