Why? If you work in scale, If you manage multiple application in multiple environments, If you automate any tasks using Capistrano then try a handy solutions which will improve and extend your workbench. Real-life scenario There are many automated tasks in my everyday work. It (...)

Turn On Self Learning Machine

elasticfeed.io elasticfeed is implementation of ICSE class architecture and provides flexible configuration model. Automatic mode: content recognition, learning and streaming This mode detects the type of input content and enables (configures) available plugins for storing, distribution and learning sections of JSON `Scenariofile` (see below) Manual mode: (...)

Mongo MMS API agent for ruby with basic cli client

During last two days I have developed very minimalistic the Mongo MMS API ruby client which is easily extendable as mms-api gem (source code on github so please contribute). The client is used by me to extend Pulsar (capistrano) tasks with ability to orchestrate the (...)