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Coral TPU Edge with Mendel

Another amazing product you need in your home-lab. The performance (versus price) of that unit is exceptional. See more at Coral. After a challenging flashing process (using Mendel linux), the unit finally worked. However, if your board was manufactured before…

Red Pitaya Lab with FPGA

Red Pitaya has been already released many years ago and was somewhat not used by me for a couple of years. However, I decided to give it a second life. It's a pretty advanced ecosystem of applications based on FPGA…

ZED-2 AI Stereo Camera

In a few words... this is a great camera and ecosystem (you need) if you start the prototyping phase of the product in the early stage. Stereolabs delivers a solid CUDA enabled SDK with plenty of examples, wrappers, and integrations.

VideoChat in Terminal

Absolutely awesome application for P2P Video Chat, written in C++. Check it out on Github This is easy to compile on OSX and to start video chat in less than minute. Please follow instructions of github readme. Have fun!

Weather in Terminal

Absolutely awesome application for weather forecast, written in Go. Check it out on Github

Pushing Your Meteor Project to Heroku

Meteor preparationGo to your meteor project folder: $ meteor bundle myproject.tar.gz$ tar -xf myproject.tar.gz$ cd bundle/Reinstall fibers $ cd programs/server$ npm uninstall fibers$ sudo npm install fibers$ cd ../../Heroku preparationNode.js Create package.json file. You can use example one or modify it for…

Infrastructure deployment with Puppet

After few months of hard work with new approach to infrastructure deployment I can say that the choice of using Puppet was very good. We reached our goals like: If you are interested in puppet please have a look on open…

CGroups for simple resources isolation and management

During migration from bare metal servers to cloud VMs I have met some problem with performance of puppet services. Basically every puppet-agent run consumes a lot of resources like CPU and memory. For any small box at AWS, Softlayer or…

NFS to AWS S3 migration

My DevOps team decision to drop NFS took a while. The biggest problem was that we could not isolate issues with NFS server when we reached some level of application load. NFS was the main data storage for photos, videos,…

Migration to Heroku App Cloud with UptimeRobot monitoring

After few hours of playing with Heroku and UptimeRobot I decided to move my blog (WordPress) and website (PHP) to new hosting cloud. So now it is running for free. Hopefully will be stable... Useful resources:

Open Source Report Card

For developers interested in some statistics I have found very interesting tool which summarizes our public activity on Github. Please have a look About me

Bipbip agent for advanced and flexible server monitoring

I am pleased to announce that me and my team released very useful and elegant open source tool/agent for server monitoring. Bipbip is an agent written in ruby to collect server metrics and send them to the CopperEgg RevealMetrics platform. There are…