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Pushing Your Meteor Project to Heroku

Meteor preparation Go to your meteor project folder: $ meteor bundle myproject.tar.gz $ tar -xf myproject.tar.gz $ cd bundle/ Reinstall fibers $ cd programs/server $ npm uninstall fibers $ sudo npm install fibers $ cd ../../ Heroku preparation Node.js Create package.json file.


Why? If you work in scale, If you manage multiple application in multiple environments, If you automate any tasks using Capistrano then try a handy solutions which will improve and extend your workbench. Real-life scenario There are many automated tasks…

WebSocket very basic protocol debugging overview

1. Required tools netcat brew install netcat nodejs brew install node websocket tools npm install websocket-upgrade Chrome browse 2. Starting netcat as "server" on localhost, port 8080 $ nc -lcvv localhost 8080 3. Creating websocket using chrome developer console var…