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VideoChat in Terminal

Absolutely awesome application for P2P Video Chat, written in C++. Check it out on Github This is easy to compile on OSX and to start video chat in less than minute. Please follow instructions of github readme. Have fun!

Pushing Your Meteor Project to Heroku

Meteor preparation Go to your meteor project folder: $ meteor bundle myproject.tar.gz $ tar -xf myproject.tar.gz $ cd bundle/ Reinstall fibers $ cd programs/server $ npm uninstall fibers $ sudo npm install fibers $ cd ../../ Heroku preparation Node.js Create package.json file.

Jolla phone is here!

I have just received new Jolla phone (more at www.jolla.com). I had to wait almost 4 weeks but I think it was worth it! All I can say on this point is that I love "developer mode". It gives perfect gateway…