ICSE for beginners+

The elasticfeed is an implementation of ICSE class architecture. In short the Data Prediction Workflow Model of pre-learning, distribution, evolution and learning is optimised for real time data streaming as follows on diagram below 🙂 … See my contact page or please leave your e-mail address here if you (...)


Full workflow example of learning and teaching using Artificial Neural Network plugins of elasticfeed. Steps: Storing and pre-learning (1) Distribution and acting (2 + 5 + 6) Sensing and evolving (3) Calibrating and learning (4 + 5 + 6) … See my contact page or please (...)

Turn On Self Learning Machine elasticfeed is implementation of ICSE class architecture and provides flexible configuration model. Automatic mode: content recognition, learning and streaming This mode detects the type of input content and enables (configures) available plugins for storing, distribution and learning sections of JSON `Scenariofile` (see below) Manual mode: (...)