Art 3D/VR challenge – cameras and sensors mount

I have designed a very first prototype of camera mount which could be used in the VR project. It is very rough construction, but the idea is that:

  • should be fairly small
  • should allow to mount 2 or 4 cameras
  • should allow to change distance between cameras
  • should allow to mount extra 3D/depth sensors
  • should allow to mount extra light sensor
  • should allow to moutn extra 3-axis sensor
  • should be very stable - vibrations resistant
  • should allow to replace camera and/or lenses
  • should allow to control camera distance over API

Below some photos of my design. There is still missing camera, servo and other parts but it hasn't arrived yet!


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in meeting the team and contribution to this project in any programming language (go, php, ruby, js, node.js, objective-c, java…). This project is parked on Github.

See my contact page if required.



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