Book: The Nature of Code

During the Covid-19 lockdown, there is a lot of time for reading. There was a book on my shelf since 2013 which I did approach multiple times, but never lucky enough to take it properly and seriously.

However, there is a special time for everything (I guess) - the book is actually fascinating. I found it very interesting to go again over the basics of math, physics, real-world perception from the ONLY source code point of view (mixed with physics) rather than the ONLY business point of view (mixed with the chase for growth only).

Over last 15 years of commercial experience there was so many decision taken by me with focus on profit first (and delivery deadline) rather than the code quality and proper research/abstraction so seems I forgot what it means the real science and simply math & physics with the pleasure of coding.

Anyway, I recommend that book to everyone who is deep in the heart a scientist and engineer but in the real world has been hacked by a "virus" called responsible management and then by profits, investors, partners, and co-founders.
Finally, there is no "magic" and we have to live with growing technical debt in the backlog! Maybe it's worth sometimes to try a long term thinking rather than short term thinking only: seed, series A, and hopefully B, too.

I guess there is no magic equation and we simply have to keep being responsible and try to balance the chaos.

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