adaptive brain

Brain's Best Friend

During last days I was developing an idea for the elasticfeed plugin which would be able to assists and manages the life quality by letting the human brain/minds for "regression" or "progression" on demand. By regression I mean the time when any complicated information makes us even more tired and angry. By progression I mean the time when we are open for any news with even more detailed explanation and other related infos from the past or the future.

To achieve that model using ICSE there is an easy way to implement "scenario" plugin, which for each known "ENTRY" is gathering information on lower and higher level of knowledge and abstraction. On the delivery level the "pipeline adaptive brain" plugin collects siblings for each "ENTRY". The new dataset of "ENTRIES" which could lower or higher the level of knowledge are streamed to the "FEED PAGE VIEW".

For instance, the workflow of information could be like that (draft only):


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