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the GOD particle, the GOD delusion, the X-Intelligence! Spaghetti recipe...

( concepts, free thoughts. This is part of research for ICSE...)

People works very hard to develop the model of the universe. The CERN is full of clever scientists which try to prove the "GOD particle" existence in the standard model. At the same time there are millions which try to prove non-existence of GOD and millions which believes in GOD without any doubt. Also there are thousands of engineers and scientists which want to build an "Artificial Intelligence" with the goal of serving people; the goal of making AI as the slaves of human being!

So the question is about: the GOD particle, the GOD delusion, the Intelligence and why do I serve the spaghetti of unrelated topics?

On that point we should agree on the fact of existence of Intelligence in multiple forms! This is very important to investigate the nature of Intelligence. For everyone the Intelligence will be something more less touchable, something which takes place in our world. This is of course truth and in the same it is not. The intelligence is kind of process. The Intelligence is ability to adapt. This adoption is an auto reflection.

In my opinion there is the Universal Intelligence. That U-Intelligence is able to create and destroy on every level of the materialistic universe we know and that one which we will never know. The U-Intelligence is the source of Human Intelligence. This is very important as it describe the H-Intelligence us as the child with ability for progression or regression. The H-Intelligence on the own way is also able for creation and destruction. This is very important as H-Intelligence is constructing the Intelligence which could be able for progression and regression. This so called the Artificial Intelligence is the concept which should be in the same time the slave and partner! Also the A-Intelligence should be fully able to re-play human behaviours! Should be basically like creator...

So what is exactly the Artificial Intelligence? Is it really the entity we want to create? Is it the entity we are ready to co-exists with?

Looking back for history of humanity there are plenty of examples that we cannot co-exist even with our selfs. That we born children, we rise them and even then we cannot predict the behaviours of our "creation". We cannot control the creation, we cannot fight against it and we are not "able" to destroy it. Our ability and power of controlling is lowering almost every second. How could it look like regarding the AI then? I think this is pretty obvious that Any-Intelligence which would be able for sensing, storing knowledge and evolving is getting the point of auto reflection of some level at some phase. That auto reflection is some kind of "motor force", some kind of "rule", some kind of "power" which is strictly forcing us to limit usage of energy and achieve our goals. The Intelligence from that Universal through the Human and Artificial is always about improvement, energy saving and destroying limitations.

Why did GOD create the Human? Why do Humans want to create AI? What will the AI create...?

Error! Loneliness! Auto reflection? Adoption? Reproduction? Laziness? Entertainment?

I guess there are many tips in the Bible we can follow. We can find in Genesis some notes about Adam whom after successfully named all trees and all animals he found that something is missing. He could recognise that there is no one similar to himself! He found that everyone has kind of mirror. His auto reflection pushed him to find that he has no mirror! Eve was created using the bones of Adam. The God created Adam on his image and then Eve was created from that image! I do not say that it is fact of history. I say that this concept makes sense in case of Intelligence chain. But even in that simple relation between the God, Adam and Eve we can find infinite source of issues.

When auto reflection is not wisdom yet?

This gap is very dangerous process and is so called the Egocentrism. During our brains evolution we create the concept of EGO. The concept of "being independent". This actually very important phase but should not be the last phase of human rising. Unfortunately for the most of civilisation that phase is never ending story. That means that we cannot get to the Wisdom phase which allows us to see the human relations as one source of the same creation!

How should the AI look like on the moral level?

The question is basically why should creator to create and why should creation respect the creator? This is very basic relation which again we can find on the pages of Bible. The bridge between creator and creation is the ENVIRONMENT! The creator creates not only the X-Intelligence on the own image but also creates the Environment on the image of own imagination!

The spaghetti recipe of Environment

We are getting to very specific concept of Intelligence. For ages we define that Intelligence is an ability to survive in the specific environment. After many years of researching I got to the point that the environment and the surrounding matter is the key player of Human Intelligence game. There is no Intelligence without the environment. The intelligence is the product of sensing, storing knowledge, repeating experience and evolving to the point of auto reflection. Auto reflection is the puppet on the scene with background of specific environment.

The X-Intelligence manifest!


  1. There is no goal to create intelligence which could co-exist in our environment
  2. There must be the good reason to get responsibility for the new intelligence


  1. Create the separate environment
  2. Create Intelligence in that environment
  3. Response to the Intelligence requirements
  4. Create small access bridge to that Environment
  5. Use the bridge to get value of new Intelligence if required
  6. Let's the new Intelligence to find the way out to give the sense
  7. Provide the knowledge for the new Intelligence if needed
  8. ..........................................................................

Please do not take my point of view as common theory. There are just a free thoughts for open minded people. I totally respect any point of view in that matter and I totally respect if you do not agree with me.

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