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For a last year I am implementing Artificial Intelligence science achievements into the real world, specifically into the world web. As there are many running projects I would like to add some of my personal observations and solutions in that matter.

My main goal is to reduce the stream of useless informations received by everyone, everyday, everywhere!

Sensing intelligence

For me personally (by simplifying) the intelligence is an ability to survive in surrounding environment and the model of such entity is the relations between sensors, “memory” and mobility. For almost everyone the memory is just very well organised storage with fast read and write characteristics. But is it like that in real world? Is only the binary memory out there? For instance the waves on the water. Isn’t it the memory as well. Isn’t it the reaction for action which observer can interprets as memory of some action? Such actions (detected by sensors) and reactions (mobility) are stored in limited memory (...)

Memorising vs Saving

The whole world is like the wave of actions and reactions with built-in delayed forgetting. As the huge mass of energy, the world try to get balanced. Our human memory and the delay is very helpful in that. All what memory/brain does to the world is limiting resistance and saving energy. We can achieve that by memorising informations from our senses. We do not save instantly any informations. We memorise them by repeating the experience. In short, this is the beginning and what we call the “intelligence” as an ability to survive (...)


During last decades we have developed a lot of concepts, math and tools for human brain estimations. All achievements are priceless and create huge value for the future. The robotic achievements are also a huge step into the future. All this science gives us possibilities for helping ourselves in everyday life: in this real and this virtual.

I am specifically interested in the virtual aspects of our life which are natural extension of real life so I am going to present some general ideas and solutions (...)

“Real World Web”

The last few years brought a huge amount of data from world web. It brought also a lot of questions and user requirements. As the reaction for that changing environment, we can see a new space for using Artificial Intelligence knowledge and continuously evolving methods of using it as a response for quickly changing complex environment.

The environment and the Viewer place in that environment is the key player of the prediction game and is the only true and correct point of view for personalised computation of information.

As an example let’s compare prediction of weather with prediction of User needs.

If we want predict weather we have to specify at least location of our prediction and the time; plus optionally the consumer which cares about this information. To achieve that we should install sensors and store all metrics. Having the time organised storage we can try to predict average weather for any point in time. If we extend this model with other locations and interactions between that locations we can estimate the weather even better. If we could model every locations and all interactions we could predict weather for longer and longer period. Adding space weather, earth natural phases and human activity then we can extend model to the very accurate point. The most important is that the weather must be predicted for very specific location and for very specific point in time!

What about User needs? Isn’t it very similar problem? Most of software platforms try to deliver the universal virtual goods without understanding user specific environment. The user environment is the location, time, biorhythm, weather, moon phase, social relations and many more. User needs are created in that specific environment and currently the User gives an effort for searching that virtual products on the web. The product requirements comes from specific user environment and interaction between environments!

Prediction of valuable information for specific user as an average of all users feelings the the specific information is as same useless as prediction of weather for specific location as average of weather for all known locations.

read more about ICSE, the Intelligent Content Streaming Engine


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