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Jetson Xavier AGX with 20Gbits bandwidth for USB-3.0 devices

If you wonder how to significantly extended the USB-3.0 capabilities of your Jetson Xavier AGX then the answer is a PCIe card with dedicated 5Gbits channels and extra power input. I have found the product from StarTech (PEXUSB3S44V) which includes…

X-Cores from Jetson Xavier AGX

New Jetson Xavier AGX with 32GB RAM and compute capability of 7.2 ! It delivers 32 TOPS for AI with its amazing X-Cores architecture! Flash Jetson OS - issue Unfortunately, I have experienced problems with loading JetPack 4.4.1 into Xavier…

ZED-2 AI Stereo Camera

In a few words... this is a great camera and ecosystem (you need) if you start the prototyping phase of the product in the early stage. Stereolabs delivers a solid CUDA enabled SDK with plenty of examples, wrappers, and integrations.