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X-Cores from Jetson Xavier AGX

New Jetson Xavier AGX with 32GB RAM and compute capability of 7.2 !

  • 512 x CUDA Volta core
  • 64 x Tensor core
  • 8 x 64-bit Nvidia Carmel CPU core

It delivers 32 TOPS for AI with its amazing X-Cores architecture!

Flash Jetson OS - issue

Unfortunately, I have experienced problems with loading JetPack 4.4.1 into Xavier AGX. It was the first time I have ever had any problems with Jetson products starting from TK-1 (ages ago). Fortunately, with few hacks, I managed to complete the process. So the issue was that Xavier communication via USB-3.0 was constantly restarted (not sure why). It happened between step "Jetson OS Image" and "Flash Jetson OS" step. As result, the flashing couldn't start! To clarify, I use Ubuntu 18.04 from Vagrant Cloud running on OSX - it's the host running the Jetson SDK Manager.

The solution was pretty simple, but requires to watch the SDK Manager terminal output and re-attach the USB device (Jetson) to the virtual machine once the step "Jetson OS Image" finished and before the "Flash Jetson OS" started (there are multiple attempts before SDK manager fails).

Why does it happen? No idea, but it might be the issue with VirtualBox (6.1.12) and USB-3.0 controller, or OSX Catalina (10.15.7) or Vagrant (2.2.9). Anyway, I have never experienced that problem before with Jetson TK-1, Jetson TX-1 or Jetson Nano, and I think it might be something about Jetson Xavier recovery mode (TBD).


I'm super happy with the performance of AGX, which is outstanding compared to any other Jetson family member or any solution from competitors.

My quick test has been done with ZED-2 camera using the latest ZED SDK 3.3 - it works perfectly well with 2K@15 depth mapping!




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